Are Christians Supposed to Be Judges, or Ambassadors?

Governments appoint ambassadors to talk to other nations on their behalf. They represent our interests and concerns on the world stage, and even though most of them are appointed based on political favors, I hope at least some of them are given their posts based on competency. After all, they may need to help avert a serious schism between nations, or even a war now and then. We would hope that ambassadors are well-suited to the important role they have to play.

But, come to think of it, I guess all of us are ambassadors in one way or another. According to Miriam-Webster, Ambassadors are “authorized envoys or representatives of a government, or unofficial representatives, such as ambassadors of goodwill.” You may not have been appointed by the government, but you are probably a representative of your family, for instance. You may be an ambassador at work. As representatives of something larger than ourselves, what we do reflects on whatever or whoever that is. If you are a Christian, according to Paul, you have received an appointment. You are reflecting on Christ himself. I guess, to me, that’s where things get interesting.

An International Assignment

“We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: be reconciled to God.” (I Corinthians 6:20, NIV). Wow, it’s kinda scary to think that God is using US as his ambassadors to make his appeal to the world.

Remember that when God sent the Angel to Cornelius in Acts 10, the Angel told him to get in touch with Peter. He would tell him what to do. Peter told him about “the good news of peace through Jesus Christ” in Acts 10:36. Cornelius and his whole household believed and were baptized. So why didn’t the Angel just deliver the Gospel to Cornelius? BECAUSE ANGELS CAN’T do evangelism! Only we humans are empowered to share the gospel.

We are Christ’s only ambassadors on the earth. He told the disciples that he was going away, but that he would come again for us. In the meantime, since he is not physically here, we have been appointed to represent him. It is our role to reflect Christ in a fallen world, to be “Jesus with skin on” wherever we are. WE are supposed to provide salt to the corruptible and light in the darkness.

Are You a Disciple or a Christian?

If you’ll recall, in the early days of the Church there were disciples who followed Jesus, and they acted so much like him that folks began calling people who followed Jesus “little Christs”, or Christians. Acts 11:26 says the word Christian did not come into vogue for at least couple of years after Jesus had departed: “And when he (Barnabas) had found him (Saul), he brought him to Antioch. So it was that for a whole year they assembled with the church and taught a great many people. And the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch.”

People were called Christians because they seemed to be a literal representation of Jesus himself. Every Christian is therefore a representative of Christ. I have always wondered how Jesus would act if he was among us. Would he be Church-Lady judgmental? Would Jesus keep a sharp eye out for other people’s sins, and would he be shocked at our culture’s selfishness and licentiousness? How would he treat others? Maybe he’d be quick to judge and nit-pick?

Ambassadors for Who?

Or, would Jesus be a cool guy to hang out with, dispensing wisdom with perhaps a touch of good-natured humor? Would he be loving but intense, with flashes of transfigured glory, and would we see his healing and miracles? Would he be having engaging conversations with friends, intriguing them with the gospel? (Kind of like Jesus in “The Chosen”. )

There’s no doubt in my mind that if Jesus were among us, people would be amazed and surprised by Him… They would be curious about him, stimulated to deepen their love for God as well as others around them. Well, according to this verse, he IS among us, and his presence is evident, making its appeal through ambassadors. Those ambassadors are us.

We are now the representatives of Christ on this earth, the lens through which all unbelievers see him. Our actions and statements determine whether the world sees Christians as a bunch of petty, judgmental tight-wads, or as generous, fun-loving friends… No pressure, ya’ll, but how do you think we’re doing?


Ambassadors can negotiate a treaty or a deal;
They represent their sponsor with authority that’s real.
Folks watch them because they are the ones who have been sent,
And people make conclusions about Who they represent.
Do people see your God as petty, mean, or temperamental?
Do they conclude that He is disappointed and judgmental?
If there are false impressions about what your God would do,
Remember: God’s ambassador on earth to them is YOU.

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